Author: Techlink Systems

New Commuter Benefits

TechLink is now utilizing Zenefits Flex Benefits Card for commuter benefits! With commuter benefits, employees can use pre-tax dollars to pay for their commute—up to $130 per month for public transit and $250 per month for parking. These funds are deducted from their paychecks before taxes, so employees can save up to 40% on commuting expenses.

Commuter benefits, all on a single card.
The Zenefits Flex Benefits Card makes paying for parking and fares pleasant. With the Flex Benefits Card, employees can:

  • Enroll and update information easily
  • Allocate money and check account balances
  • Spend funds as they would with any debit card

Information on Techlink’s Commuter Benefits program can be found on the Commuter Benefits tab of your Zenefits dashboard.

AnyPerk: Expanding Our Wellness Plan

One of the challenges facing nationwide staffing firms is finding a benefits program that is able to reach all of our valued employees, regardless of where they may live. AnyPerk has done just that! When TechLink first considered expanding our employee wellness plan—by popular demand—fitness centers and gyms were our first stop. However, seeing that there were few nationwide providers that could benefit our entire staff, the vendor management and coordination was infeasible. AnyPerk has finally made a nationwide discount program—sponsored by TechLink as a component of our wellness programs—possible!

As a member of the TechLink team, employees now have access to 700+ perks through the AnyPerk platform: It is the primary location to find deals on local and nationwide products that make your everyday life easier.

AnyPerk offers a total of over 700 local and national perks to our members across 15 diverse categories. Categories include:

  • Fitness
  • Things to Do
  • Home & Local Services
  • Health & Wellness
  • Travel
  • Restaurants & Delivery
  • Clothing & Jewelry
  • Kids & Baby
  • Electronics & Telecom
  • Grocery & Gourmet Food
  • Sports and Outdoors
  • Automotive
  • Home & Pets
  • Beauty & Grooming
  • Office

AnyPerk’s portfolio goes far beyond the typical discount movie tickets, though they have those, too. AnyPerk’s offerings include activities like whitewater rafting, getaway weekends at ski and beach resorts, or visits to museums and aquariums across the country, all at preferred pricing.

We encourage every employee to access their AnyPerk account via the invitation email sent on September 1 or by contacting Human Resources at to obtain your login credentials.

Announcing Our Zenefits Launch

ZenefitsTechLink is now working with Zenefits to streamline benefits administration nationwide! Last year, we received significant feedback with respect to open enrollment—the plan offerings were difficult to compare, the pricing was unclear, and to access information specific to each benefit, employees had to visit multiple sites and create multiple logins. TechLink listened to these concerns, and as a result, we have transitioned our benefits program to Zenefits—a one-stop platform where employees can access all information with respect to their TechLink employment.

In addition to the clarity that the Zenefits platform brings to our health, dental, and vision plans, Zenefits also enables employees to:

  • Review sick leave balances and request time off, where applicable
  • Review benefits and print insurance cards
  • Compare insurance plans and costs
  • Add coverage for yourself or dependents during open enrollment or with a qualifying event
  • Update your contact information, including your direct deposit and tax withholding preferences
  • Enroll in pre-tax commuter benefits
  • Locate important documents—like the TechLink handbook, instructions for obtaining your online paystubs and tax forms, and viewing information about TechLink’s 401(k) plan

As the Zenefits platform continues to grow, we hope to be able to bring you even more expanded options for managing your personnel records. Log in and explore your Zenefits account today:!